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Auditing & Consulting Services:

These professional services consists of:
1) General Internal Audit/Assurance services;
2) General Internal Audit Advisory/consulting services;
3) IT Audit services;
4) IT Advisory/consulting services; and
5) Auditor General compliance related services.
See below for more detail

Internal Audit Advisory (Consulting) and Assurance (Audit) Services

Internal Audit Advisory (Consulting ) services

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Should any Internal Audit department need a specialist or more to assist with Advisory/Consulting services, then you have come to the right place.  Oegene QI has teamed up with x3 consulting firms (as back-up) and depending on your requirements, can make 1 or over 50 specialists available to help solve your Advisory challenges. 

So what can we do?  Well, basically anything business related, due to Oegene QI having over 30 years of experience in all spheres of Advisory services such as Revenue optimization, Control optimization, business continuity plans, risk management, Corporate Governance, Business strategy, policy development and others.

Internal Audit Assurance (Audit) services

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When you consider your business controls environment being more mature and want an independent and objective opinion on the Adequacy and Effectiveness of your business controls, Oegene QI with the back-up of other consulting firms where needed, can perform any of such reviews within your Financial, Human Resources or Business operational environments.  These can be categorized into any business cycle reviews and/or reviews of operational processes.  We can act as your outsourced Internal auditors or co-source with your Internal Audit department.  We can even work with your external auditors for a Combined Assurance Model or for them to place reliance on the work we perform.

IT (Information Technology) Advisory (Consulting) and Assurance (Audit) services

IT Audit Advisory (Consulting) Services

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Whether you have an IT Governance framework to be developed or a Security Policy or an IT Risk Assessment to be performed, we are at your service.  We also have access to Infrastructure engineers and network specialists to assist you with your IT environment’s cyber environment.  Oegene QI has even assisted with an IT restructuring project and can assist with new technologies such as Cloud, Block chain, Big Data, POPIA, AI, APIs and we use international accepted frameworks and standards (e.g. COBIT, NIST, King IV and ISO).

IT Assurance (Audit) services

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Our audits range from IT Governance reviews, General Control reviews, Application Control reviews, Business Cycle control reviews to Disaster Recovery reviews.  The areas covered and processes followed are in line with the Auditor General (South Africa) as well as the big external audit firms, due to our extensive external audit experience and interactions with the Auditor General.  This means that the external auditors should be able to rely on the work we performed and/or we can work with them on scope coverage for a combined assurance approach.

Auditor General (South Africa) IT "Compliance" services

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If you are in the Public sector (South Africa) and have an Auditor General (AG) IT Audit report of control weaknesses to address or want to prepare for the next Auditor General IT review, we have worked closely with the AG and know what their focus areas and concerns are.  We are thus able to focus on those areas they focus on and assist you in implementing controls and processes to clear existing report findings or limit report findings from the Auditor General in future.  

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