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Author name: AcT_Sys-Admin

Big Head Ants

This article looks at the life of ants (a story) and then relates that to what us humans are doing and living. It also looks at one of the few things that God basically “Hates”… Click here to Read/Download this article

We don’t need no education

OBJECTIVESo who is right, Pink Floyd or Nelson Mandela? “Education seems to make some people better criminals! Enabling them to shift from performing petty crimes to more sophisticated white collar crimes!” OegeneTMOk, do not worry, Education is indeed important!This article is not attempting to dispel Education, but it aims to highlight two other actually much …

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100% your purpose

INTRODUCTION:So you want to know your Purpose in life? Out of Millions of sperm cells, YOU made it and were born! That is YOUR Mirracle in the first place and you therefore have a Purpose! This article unpacks and provides guidance on finding your purpose… Click here to read/download this article

Opposites attract

1) INTRODUCTION:A short article to explain the three types of people, namely:Type 1 = Those that believe in God, but are experiencing Negative things in life.Type 2 = Those that believe in God and are experiencing too Positive things in life.Type 3 = Those that do Not believe in God, either experiencing Negative things or …

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