Business Opportunities


A) Business Services: We aim to assist individuals and/or companies with ideas as part of our “Second Opinion” solution and we also provide a variety of Audit Services by assisting companies in identifying, evaluating and advising them on their business risks, processes and controls, mostly IT focused.

B)  Audit Tools: Security related tools available to assist in evaluating your exposure and controls.

C)  Business Offerings from those in need:  Support these guys, they need you!

D) Unique products on offer: We aim to find unique products to offer to you, look at the stickers available

E)  Properties to Rent or For Sale: OEgene has properties on offer, see below for more detail

A) Business Services via OEgene

Within this offering, we have four sub-services, namely:

1) “Second Opinion” – we provide you with a second opinion on almost anything. We may just come up with a better idea/product, a new idea/solution or product for you personally and/or your organisation.  

2, 3 and 4) Audit Services – OEgene has access to a team of specialists in the Internal Auditing and IT Auditing fields of which most have experience at one of the “Big 4” auditing firms.  Included here are:

-Auditor General related audits and assistance; 

-POPI act related audits and assistance; and

-Special Audit services which includes all spheres of auditing for Public entities.

We are also in the process of developing automated tools to be used for enhanced security, controls, monitoring of exceptions and risk reporting to management.

For more detail, go to each block tab below:

A.1) "2nd Opinion"

Do you need a Second Opinion on almost anything?


A car manufacturer designing a new Car or a face-lift and need input?

Do you want personal input on your new house design/layout and utilities?

Manufacturer want input on a new product or to improve a Product?

You or a business want input on increasing Sales?

Our team with a variety of “life experiences”, even a chemical engineer, could just provide the answer/input you are looking for! 

Whether you have a Business or a Personal Challenge, we may have a solution or an alternative opinion for you! 

Contact us, pose your challenge/question, give us a few days to unpack, analyse and come up with a suggestion/proposal. 

Evaluate our proposed solutions at a minimum fee to accept or reject (Ts & Cs apply)

A.2) AG IT "Clean"

This one is for the Public Sector!


AG has Findings!

Has the Auditor General (AG) raised many IT related Audit findings in your Department? With our wide Public Sector and AG experience, we can assist you in addressing their findings, to limit repeat findings (Ts & Cs apply).


Areas of AG Focus

We know the areas the Auditor General focuses on during their IT Audits for their adequate coverage! We can assist your Department to pro-actively address these areas to help you obtain a much "cleaner audit"

Skills Transference

We can add further value, by transferring skills to your Internal Audit Department and/or guiding IT Management in dealing with IT related controls

A.3) POPI Assessment

The POPI Act will come into force within a few months time and organisations will be shocked to learn how many things they need to consider to become “POPI compliant”. Where do you start? 

Well, with an Initial Assessment to identify all data sources (manual and in automated form). Our initial assessment will assist in understanding the quantum of your challenge from which further planning can be initiated. If the challenge is material, this needs to be treated as a Project with a possible PMO.

A.4) Special Audit Services

Having been in Internal Audit and External Audit, performing Financial, Operational and especially IT Audits for many years, means we can perform any Assurance related Audits as an independent party. Need an IT Governance framework or assessment, need an IT Risk Assessment, need an Information Security policy, need a Change Control policy, guidelines or procedures, need guidance on Information Security password policy settings, need a Disaster Recovery Plan or assessment, need an independent disaster recovery test observer, need a General Controls review or an assessment of your business application controls? Need a 3 year Internal Audit or IT Audit Coverage Plan? 

We also provide Advisory services to clients such as assisting organisations in improving their operations. Being independent from the external and internal auditors, we may get our “hands dirty” and directly support and work with management.

B) Audit Tools/Apps via OEgene

Audit software tools/apps – watch this space, as we are in the process of defining and developing more automated tools clients can use to analyse their IT and business environment, including a “fun” app which will probably be called “OEGIE”.  If you have a specific need, please contact us.   Here are some available tools:  


Insiox Guardian Cyber platform

As the core foundation, the award winning real-time cyber threat detection Guardian platform empowers clients by mechanising network defenses on a pro-active and real-time basis through:

-Providing clients with a single view across complex heterogeneous network architectures;

-Machine assisted predictive analytics to amplify your response capabilities through rapid and real-time responses to pre-indicators of an attack;

-Rapid development with zero integration risks, customisable to bespoke cyber needs with no integration risk to current infrastructures

-Access to a team of trained cyber analyst actively threat hunting for new threats within the client business environment on a 24/7/365 basis

-Detailed remediation advice to expedite remediation efforts.


Hexos Platform

The Hexos platform enables risk and assurance teams to monitor the effectiveness of IT controls on a scheduled and continuous basis.  Hexos is a cloud based solution that seamlessly integrates with a client’s ERP, Active Directory, database and operating system environments.  Current control capabilities include User Access Management, Privileged Access Management, Joiner/Leaver Management and user behaviour monitoring.



All in One platform for ISO Standards, Compliance Requirements and Business Frameworks that’s simple, smart and fast.  Current modules include GRC, Business Continuity Management, Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, Records Management, Online Training and Performance Management, all integrated into a single cloud based solution.


IT (Information Technology) Risk Assessor (ITRA)

This tool focuses on over 250 potential IT related risks, allowing participants to consider and rate each, if needed.  The results allow Internal Audit to compile a 3 year Internal IT Audit Coverage Plan and/or assist a CRO (Chief Risk Officer) in updating their Risk Register and/or assist a CIO (Chief Information Officer) to identify potential threats to his/her environment to be managed.


NIST Assessor

This tool applies the guidelines of the NIST framework to evaluate an organisation’s Security capabilities and the probing questions allow results to be produced in various formats.

Use “” to contact us on the “Contact page”, should you need more info or us to contact you.

C) Business Services via those deserving support

Please support the people below (they all in the East of Pretoria) 

Note and Disclaimer:  OEgene takes no commission and does not act as middleman, so call them directly and negotiate.  Since OEgene is NOT directly involved in the products/services, OEgene cannot and will not be held liable for any risks, dangers, hazards, inferior products or services or even possible damages, personal injuries, deaths as a result of the below products/services being rendered.  You are however welcome to inform us of a compliment or complaint regarding them on our “Contact us” page and based on your responses, we will consider supporting them or removing them!

First up is Grace, she sells Brooms and Feather Dusters.  Her Telephone number is 084 770 6439  

Next up is Irvine who performs general building projects, see his cell number on the photo below (in case you Red colour blind: 084 538 9902)  

What about an irritating Tree?  Let James fell it for you!  Tel 061 300 5463

For tree felling, please set up an indemnity agreement to protect both of you (see green bar for an example of such an agreement that can be used as base)! 

D) Unique Products via OEgene

These stickers are made of reflective material to stand out.  Not only do they help improve the visibility of your car, but shows your support for Jesus, the “light in our life”

Does your child believe in “YOLO”, let us prove them wrong with these stickers that can be affixed on the inside of any window to get this IMPORTANT message across to all

E) OEgene Properties to let or for sale

The following properties are becoming available for Rent or to sell:
  • A 2 Bedroom 1 bathroom flat in Moreleta Park (available around June 2021) in Pretoria
  • Another 2 Bedroom 1 bathroom flat in Moreleta Park (available July 2021) in Pretoria 
  • A 1 Bedroom townhouse in the new Munyaka development with the largest crystal clear lake in the Southern Hemisphere with the latest upmarket finishes (available from May 2021) in Waterfall Estate.  See two photos below
  • An upmarket house in Xanadu Echo Estate at Hartbeespoort dam for sale with 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 3 garages, maid’s quarters,  4 entertainment areas and more (517m2).  “Contact us” for more info. See photo at the end
  • A 1 bedroom 1 bathroom ground floor garden flat in the upmarket Kingswood retirement estate in Pretoria  

Photos of the others will be taken when transfer to Oegene has gone through.