Business Opportunities


A) Business Services: We aim to assist individuals and/or companies with ideas as part of our “Second Opinion” solution and we also provide a variety of Audit Services by assisting companies in identifying, evaluating and advising them on their business risks, processes and controls, mostly IT focused.

B)  Audit Tools: Security related tools available to assist in evaluating your exposure and controls.

C)  Business Offerings from those in need:  Support these guys, they need you!

D) Unique products on offer: We aim to find unique products to offer to you, look at the stickers available

E)  Properties to Rent or For Sale: OEgene has properties on offer, see below for more detail

A) Business Services via OEgene

Within this offering, we have four sub-services, namely:

1) “Second Opinion” – we provide you with a second opinion on almost anything. We may just come up with a better idea/product, a new idea/solution or product for you personally and/or your organisation.  

2, 3 and 4) Audit Services – OEgene has access to a team of specialists in the Internal Auditing and IT Auditing fields of which most have experience at one of the “Big 4” auditing firms.  Included here are:

-Auditor General related audits and assistance; 

-POPI act related audits and assistance; and

-Special Audit services which includes all spheres of auditing for Public entities.

We are also in the process of developing automated tools to be used for enhanced security, controls, monitoring of exceptions and risk reporting to management.

For more detail, go to each block tab below:

A.1) "2nd Opinion"

Do you need a Second Opinion on almost anything?


A car manufacturer designing a new Car or a face-lift and need input?