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What God wants

YOLO, no

You only live once is what our generation is punting, but this article aims to show the opposite. Click here to read/download this article

Let us respect nature

This article states why we should respect nature. Not only for our own health, but also due to our responsibility and the “Love Triangle” Click here to read/download this article

For the unbelievers

An article not to convince you, BUT at least make you thing… How many of us use a remote? Why does a “God” allow bad things to happen? and a number of other issues are covered Click here to read/download this article

The 10 “Commandments” of shark cave diving

So after the Old Testament, you believe you do not need a cage to dive between hungry Great White sharks, because Jesus saved you? Think again, the New Testament refers to the 10 Commandments MORE than in the Old Testament, so read this article for perspective Click here to read/download this article

Opposites attract

1) INTRODUCTION:A short article to explain the three types of people, namely:Type 1 = Those that believe in God, but are experiencing Negative things in life.Type 2 = Those that believe in God and are experiencing too Positive things in life.Type 3 = Those that do Not believe in God, either experiencing Negative things or …

Opposites attract Read More »

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