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For now, these articles are free to read and distribute, as the aim of OegeneQI is to spread the messages as far and as wide as possible, as long they are not used for commercial gain (money/profit).

Complete the adjacent Contact us form and leave a message/comment. We will attempt to go through all, but depending on the volume of comments, we may not get to yours timely.  In some cases we may respond or just take note of your comment.

Please go to the “Social Services” section above on this page and complete it by leaving their goods/services.  Please note that we do not want to create competition or dilute someone’s chances of getting work, so each product/service should be unique (not similar to another person already on the website) and for now, we want to limit this to the Pretoria area in South Africa only, else the requests may become totally unmanageable and a huge admin burden.  Please expect a delay if there are too many requests.

Absolutely, we can enter into a short term contacts on an hourly or a retainer basis, just leave your contact details and a message in the “Business Services” section of this contact us page

We will provide you with either a Word document with our findings and suggestions or a PowerPoint presentation that you can use.  The SoS service includes one feedback session, but should you want follow-up meetings or one or more workshops, please leave your request in the “Business Section” of this contact us page

If you have a challenge and we cannot come up with improvements, we will not charge anything further other than the time spent on analysing your challenge and investigating options and possible solutions, namely the deposit, but we hope this will never happen.  We will at least attempt to come up with some suggestions/improvements as far as possible.

For now, no, as OegeneQI wants to limit added costs to purchasers/tenants.  If some properties cannot sell or be rented out timely, OegeneQI might come back to you, so leave your details in the “Business Section” of this page.

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