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Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions



  1. These articles represent OegeneQI’s beliefs and/or actual experiences only and others may have different opinions.
  2. OegeneQI does not profess to be an expert on religion and life in general.
  3. Bible verses have been interpreted by OegeneQI, but many verses may have a double meaning or cannot be taken up literally or needs to be read with other verses, so please read the articles and make up your own mind.
  4. All names/references in the articles, particularly in the “Story” sections, are fictitious although some are based on true events. The only true names will be from verses from the Bible.
  5. OegeneQI does not wish to enter into any debates/arguments about the articles and any comments you wish to leave will be considered, but not necessarily acted/responded on.
  6. All references to “He” will also refer to and include “She”.



  1. “Service, supplier, product provider” shall mean those providing a product or service and “consumer/client” shall mean those using such services/products.
  2. OegeneQI does not have any links to people offering goods or services, as OegeneQI’s aim is to only provide a platform to advertise their goods and services.
  3. When dealing with the service providers or their products/services, OegeneQI will not and does not want to be involved in any way due to time limitations and the admin effort, so OegeneQI must be bypassed and all dealings must be directly between you as “consumer/client” and the “supplier/service provider” of the products and/or services.
  4. OegeneQI does not make an income from them (service/product providers) and does not even charge an Admin fee.
  5. OegeneQI does not guarantee their products/services and cannot be held accountable in any way.
  6. Where some products or services entail risks such as the felling of trees, you as “consumer/client” use them at your own risk and they as “supplier/service provider” offer their products/services at their own risk and OegeneQI cannot be held accountable in any way.
  7. These products and services are offered from Pretoria, South Africa and may not be available elsewhere (also see the questions and answer section for more detail and clarity).


  1. The names and contact details of the different institutes/organizations were obtained at a point in time and may change over time. OegeneQI will annually review a sample of the names and contact details for accuracy, but cannot guarantee all will be and remain correct/accurate and cannot be held responsible in any way if you cannot get hold of them.  In such a case, try an alternative service provider, as OegeneQI tried to provide more than one, or Google for assistance around you.
  2. OegeneQI hopes and support the fact that you seek help, so it is better to contact any of the provided service providers or others than not doing so.
  3. OegeneQI attempted to classify the contacts in appropriate sections based on what we noticed they assist with, but that contact may not be the most appropriate contact for your unique situation, so OegeneQI recommends that you request their assistance and seek other references if they are not appropriate.
  4. OegeneQI provides the contact details in an attempt to assist/help people in need and cannot guarantee their services and professionalism. You contact them directly and OegeneQI cannot be involved in any interactions/communications, as OegeneQI is not an expert on any of these fields and do not wish to become involved.  As a result, OegeneQI cannot be held responsible in any event.
  5. OegeneQI will not contact any of these service providers for information and/or feedback, as OegeneQI only provides a platform with contact details.
  6. The contact details are limited to South Africa only and although this website is available world-wide, the assistance and contact details are limited to people in South Africa, but this does not say you cannot or should not try and contact them if you are abroad! Perhaps they can still help you, even if it is just to talk.  It is critical that you talk to someone and perhaps someone totally independent from South Africa may assist.
  7. Some of the articles by OegeneQI are aimed and providing hope and comfort, so read them for inspiration as well as seek professional assistance.


  1. OegeneQI has products and clothing we believe will send a good and positive message. Read the words on items and make sure you will be able to use or wear them in your environment without issues or backlash.
  2. OegeneQI utilized suppliers we found to be reliable, but cannot guarantee their quality on an ongoing basis.  We have ordered and tested tsome of their products, but this does not guarantee that the suppliers will continue using the same products or quality.  If you however have valid complaints, please contact us for a replacement, but due to the admin and logistical effort, we will not do any cash refunds, but replace the product with another upon your motivation and return of the defective product.
  3. Timely delivery cannot be guaranteed, as a 3rd party is utilised, but if you have issues, please raise this in the Social Services section on the contact us page and if we notice a trend, we will investigate and take it up with the delivery company or even replace them where needed.


  1. OegeneQI has pre-imported these products for investigation, testing and dummy usage and keeps a limited stock. However, if you order and we do not have stock on-hand, these products will be imported, so expect a delay in delivery.  Also note that OegeneQI cannot guarantee the quality of that 3rd party’s product imported, as batches may differ (the batch OegeneQI tested/checked, may be different from subsequent batch products). If you however have a valid complaint, please contact us for a replacement, but due to the admin and logistical effort, we will not do any cash refund, but replace the product with another or arrange with the 3rd party to do so. If the product is inferior or defective, please explain in the Business Services section on the contact us page, so we can consider moving away from the supplier if this is not an isolated case.
  2. Timely delivery cannot be guaranteed, as a 3rd party is utilised and it involves a possible import and customs delays outside OegeneQI’s control, but if you have issues, please raise this in the Business Services section on the contact us page and if we notice a trend, we will investigate and take it up with the delivery company or even replace them, where needed


  1. Before any work is to commence, both the service requesting party and OegeneQI must enter into an agreement and specify the scope and objectives of the assignment. These would probably be split between an overall contracting agreement and individual engagement letters for each assignment.
  2. The terms of each engagement may differ, but will be specified in each engagement letter.
  3. Where services are required outside the borders of Gauteng, South Africa, such audit/assurance services will have to be delivered remotely. For assignments within the borders of Gauteng, South Africa, such services will be delivered remotely, but physical visits to client premises can also be arranged.
  4. All services will be delivered in English.
  5. Where a large assignment is requested, OegeneQI may need to contact other service providers that OegeneQI has back-up agreements in place. This would mean that some agreements or engagement letters will involve more than one party, but the primary agreement will be between you as client and OegeneQI.
  6. Where another 3rd party is utilised by OegeneQI, you as client may not bypass OegeneQI and deal directly with that 3rd party for the same or any new future assignments.
  7. The agreement will specify the main T’s and C’s that will apply to the work.


  1. Before any work is to commence, the “SOS” application form needs to be completed and OegeneQI may require more detail and/or to enter into an agreement to clearly specify the scope and objectives of the request/need.
  2. Once OegeneQI comes back with potential input/solution, a business will have the opportunity to accept or decline the input/solution and if decline, your business and all affiliates and affiliate links may not apply or use any part of the input/solution/idea now or going forward and OegeneQI reserves the right to use the potential input/solution/idea for another business request, even if it comes from the competition.
  3. If you accept the potential input/solution/idea, then OegeneQI may not use that same input/idea/solution to present to another request, including a competitor.
  4. OegeneQI’s fees include one feedback session, but should you require follow-up sessions, the costs will be negotiated.
  5. Due to OegeneQI’s cost for this service being so low, only high-level input will be provided by OegeneQI (the “what”) and you as individual or business would need to take the potential input/solution /idea and unpack it further to take it to the next level (the “How”, “when”, “where”,”why”).
  6. All communication will take place in English.
  7. If any individual or business outside the borders of Gauteng South Africa, requested a potential solution/input/idea, such communication and feedback will take place remotely in electronic format.


  1. For any rental or sale agreements, OegeneQI will acquire a standard agreement from the local South African stationary outlet such as the CNA/PNA and this will be completed and form the agreement.
  2. OegeneQI wish to deal directly with clients and not with agents and will call upon an agent only when/where deemed feasible.


  1. OegeneQI is open to any other business/business ideass/deals, so if you have ideas or a business proposal or an invention idea, please feel free to contact us on the Business Solutions contact page.
  2. OegeneQI has inventive ideas and for this, needs partners to take these ideas forward, so feel free to contact us in the Business Solutions contact us page.
  3. Where you or OegeneQI has a business idea/invention to share, both parties will enter into a confidentiality agreement to ensure both are protected and the revealing party’s idea is not used/stolen by the other party without both parties’ written consent.
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