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Second Opinion Services (SOS):

Whether you are an individual needing personal input or an organisation needing to improve your products and services, Oegene’s Second Opinion Services can assist.  Below is more detail on what this service entails:


For Personal Purposes

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Examples of this service: are you designing your personal home and need further input, before you start building? (e.g. you need independent input on the position, design, room layout, electricity placement, windows, etc…), then our SOS service may add value and/or could save you expensive mistakes.  

For Business Purposes

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Example of this service: your company is experiencing a drop in sales and need a boost or a new range of products or services.  Oegene's Second Opinion Services (SOS) are here to assist.  We have a number of resources with different skills to evaluate your challenges and suggest possible improvements. 

How does this work? 

  1. You complete the “Second Opinion Service” contact form below (your “SOS” request),
  2. Specify if it is a Personal issue (you do not intend making any money from it) or if it is a Business issue,
  3. State your challenge/s,
  4. Pay a small deposit to allow us to spend time analysing your request and give us 10 days to provide you with a second opinion as input,
  5. Before we provide you with feedback, you complete a non-disclosure agreement and then you may receive our feedback and decide whether to accept or not, based on our terms and conditions.

Second Opinion Services Contact form:

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