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     View local products and abroad not currently offered by OegeneQI (these may form part of this website in future).

Unique and handy products for sale

On-line products you may find useful and/or for fun, are offered to you here.  All you need to do is to select how many, add to your shopping cart, pay, provide your delivery address and wait for you surprise.

Note there are Impactful Products (those with a meaning) which can be found on the Oegene Social page consisting of religious and inspiring messages and on this Oegene Business page the following categories have been created:

  • Fun products and games
  • Product (Life Hacks) to make your life easier

Note that some products could fall in more than one category, but we attempted to place them in the category most relevant.

Oegene QI does not want to hold your bank or card and other personal details, so have outsourced shipping and payment totally.

These on-line useful or for fun products (except the games) can be selected, added to cart and paid for by your selected outsourced payment provider to be delivered by an outsourced courier and then wait for you surprise.  The games are still in development and their availability will be determined later on. 


PLEASE NOTE: we keep some of the on-line products in stock, but if they are sold out, we need to import them which takes 1 to 2 months.  Fortunately, these are not emergency or critical products, so if we do not have in stock, we hope you are prepared to wait for your surprise…!


These entail mostly card and bord games and are in process of development and we will keep you updated on this progress. 

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